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Our favourite response so far is from @glasgit

It’s so good hearing you say it like it is. Please keep going. Don’t give up. You’ll be targeted so much now. Keep going. X

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Anon · 1 December 2023 at 02:40

Doesn’t it speak volumes about how toxic the sector has become that the word ‘targeted’ is even used, and sadder still, that it is such an apt term to describe what happens to whistleblowers?

Is this the mafia, a cult a la Scientology, a shadowy corporation, or a rogue totalitarian government doing the targeting of whistleblowers and proponents of reform?

No, it’s the petty little Eichmanns of the ivory tower—the administrators and bad actors working in higher education in the UK. What a sad indictment of the state of things that an institution, supposed to be about the edification of human beings, the fearless pursuit of human knowledge and freedom, and where humanism is espoused, has descended to the level of a cult.

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