This is a compendium of recent news and research articles on bullying in UK universities.

Harassment should count as scientific misconduct Erika Marin-Spiotta, Nature, 557, 141 (2018)

Top geneticist loses £3.5 million grant in first test of landmark bullying policy, Holly Else, Nature, 560, 420 (2018)

Prominent palaeontologist loses £1-million grant following bullying investigation, Holly Else, Nature , 561 (2018)

How to Blow the Whistle on an Academic Bully , Virginia Gewin, Nature, 593, 299 (2021)

How Bullying becomes a career tool Suzanne Tauber & Morfteza Mahmodi, Nature (Human Behaviour), 6, 475 (2022)

Bullying is a feature of UK research universities, not a bug Prof Wyn Evans, Times Higher Education (30 August 2023)

Investigating serious abuses must be taken out of universities’ hands , Prof Wyn Evans, Times Higher Education (26 October 2023)

Bullying support group launched because of universities’ inaction, Tom Williams, Times Higher Education (1 November 2023)

The fight to end bullying in academia: UK researchers launch nationwide campaig(n, Alexandra Witze, Nature, News & Views (1 November 2023)